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We are pleased to invite you to the fourth edition of “PUGNI E LIBERTÀ” which will take place on November 10th in Milano.
As many already know, it is an anti-authoritarian event and will not allow authoritarian, sexist or competitive attitudes.

The convocation for the athletes is open and is mainly addressed to self-managed gyms coming from different parts of the continent.
To participate in the fights, the following data must be sent to: cappamilano@gmail.com

Gym Name – Weight – Experience (in years and combat both boxing and other combat disciplines) – Need for accommodation

ore 15: workshop tang so do – taekwondo
ore 16: weight atleth
ore 17: gym meeting
ore 19: free dinner vegan or not
ore 21: boxe exibition : esibizione aerea – esibizione tang so do

the combinations will be closed on October 20, 2018.
We will try, as much as possible to combine the same weights and the same experience around. and all fights will end in a draw. The search for the KO will not be allowed. Each fight will have 3 rounds of 2 minutes, with the possibility of playing in 3×1 or 3×3 depending on the experience and any previous agreement.

The intervention of the referee and the jury will take place according to the rules of popular boxing. We remind you that it will be an event between classmates and that we want to realize an exemplary and sporting event of contact sports.

Participation will not be allowed without the equipment: the mouthguard, matching dentures and pectorals, while gloves and helmets will be provided by us. We are asking for a recent electroencephalogram.
The professional health staff will be present throughout the duration of the event.

Therefore, we encourage you to participate and organize a fun evening for contact sports lovers, always with humility and respect.

Hasta la victoria
We are waiting for you.


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