The Popular Gym and the CAPPA

CAPPA is Coordinamento Antifascista delle Palestre Popolari Autogestite, which means Antifascist framework of grassroots and self managed gyms. Was born to realize sport, politic, culture projects which can improve the collective growth and a match between the grassroots sport actuality.
The gyms where we everyday train where abandoned places that we torn from degradation and now are open spaces for everybody where you can learn a sport in a self managed way and where we fight. Prices are always accessible and sometimes null. Because sport is a right, which must be guaranteed no matter of sex, geographical origins, culture, economy.

We reject sport as a way of training to rat race, to hierarchy and the myth of physical prowess as a way of oppression.
For that reason CAPPA is ANTIFASCIST.

Through self management, non payment, retaking of spaces, we take our time and our body, declining the duty to have an ‘healthy’ body, more suitable to be exploited.

We go where and when we want even if we do not have money.
For that reason CAPPA is ANTICAPITALIST.
What we need to live, we get it, starting from the sport.

You can search the closest grassroots gym to you in the map and if there is not find who have the same passion for grassroots sport, find a place and open a new Palestra popolare antifascista e autogestita.
Come in the network!


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