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The purpose of Coordinamento Antifascista delle Palestre Popolari Autogestite of Milano (CAPPA) is to gather all the grassroots gyms of the city area and the hinterland and, with respect for the autonomy of each gym, boost the confrontation of the different paths, building together sport, politic and cultural projects.

In the last ten years the grassroots experiences on our area have multiplied highlighting the need of participation and grassroots organization of workers, temporary workers, unemployed, migrants and students. We think that sport can be a powerful mean of aggregation for disadvantaged people.
Pooling a passion, in this case sport, we try to overcome the obstacles that this society impose.

Every space recovered from abandonment and every gym open to the neighbourhood, means we got a step forward a better awareness in our means and rediscovery of class struggle.

In the same way we take back the meaning of sport. We deny it as a way to rat race, hierarchy, the myth of physical prowess as a way of oppression and for that we are antifascist.

We are against the moral obligation of being healthy or better, working and since that more suitable for oppression. Our bodies are not a commodity which can be exploited and put in competition or put under market rules. And for this we are anticapitalists.

The sport we propose is the one of movement as a play, the tool we have since when we are born and we use it to learn and know. In the daily routine, in every training, we learn our differences and our individuality. The other one, the partner, let us growth politically and as human beings. This is why our gyms are open to everybody and we are antisexists and atiracists.

At least we are aware of the symbolic value of grassroots sport. It’s a real example of what we do in our gyms: starting from a natural need we undermine the system which brings to transform a need in something that can be sell or granted.

What we need to live we take it together, starting from sport.

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